Bread Failure No. 1

I’ve never made yeasty bread loaves ever in my life, ever. I have used yeast in other spectra of baking, so I’m not afraid of the darn thing. It’s never failed me until today. I tried making some 100% stone ground whole wheat bread. Of course I didn’t take into account of how proteinaceous stone ground flour could be until a quarter of a way through the making. Basically, I didn’t realized until the dough was formed. I really don’t know all the rules of bread making, but my common baking senses sparked and told me that I probably needed more moisture, yeast, and/or gluten. I knew this stiff ball of dough was no way going to rise as much as I wanted it to. Whole wheat flour is heavy. Stone ground whole wheat flour is even more heavy. I knew that enough air would not be formed. Before the kneading begun, I knew the texture was off and that my dough wasn’t going to produce a nice and fluffy bread. I decided to just go along with it, and of course it yielded the densest bread I’ve ever had in my life, LOL. Fortunately for me, I LOVE BREAD. Well, it’s actually a very very unfortunate thing. I had several pieces of my “bread,” and it came out exactly as I predicted. I probably would never eat this thing if it came from else where, but it was “bread,”  made with my love, and it was warm out of the oven. I couldn’t help myself. After a couple minutes, I tossed it all in the garbage. It was sooo aromatic, but I’m embarrassed to keep it around. I should have know better…or should have listened because I knew it!

This…which is really confusing because flours with high protein content are supposedly better for yeast-bread baking. After all, bread flour is high in protein. For whatever scientific reason, my dough recipe wasn’t going to work & that’s all I knew. I’ll figure out the details shortly here. Better luck next time! JK, I’ll be more bread-knowledgeable next time I decide to make bread, which will be soon. Actually, I just need to clarify the differences between all the flours.


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