Living Social Deals – 1515 Restaurant

Are we fatties because we ate at two restaurants in a row or is it because the first one was so bad we HAD to have better food? I spent $8 for $16 worth at 1515 Restaurant on Living Social, and my Reuben nor his 1515 Kobe Beef Burger was really not worth any of it. The Prime Beef Carpaccio was tasty and interesting in it’s own way– there was crab stuffed inside a carpaccio roll of beef…but the menu didn’t describe it in such a way. There was most definitely no mentions of crab. I ate my Reuben because it wasn’t that bad, but it certainly wasn’t delicious either. As for his burger, he loves burgers & is no means picky with his burgers just as long as it’s not overcooked or burnt. This one, however, was just plain weird and not worth the calories. The bun…I don’t even want to talk about the bun. We said eff it and got ourselves some xiao long bao’s & pot-stickers. Yum!

happy π day!


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