Just Because

This is all the sushi we’re going to have for a long time. He’s all sushied out.

Blue Fin Sushi | 7303 E 29th Ave | Stapleton, CO 80238


Groupon Deals – Via Baci Italian Bistro

Booooooo!! My iPhone camera does not and did not want to take any pictures…I got this image (which is the pizza we ordered) from their website. The Adriatico Pizza w/ Chicken & Sausage was pretty delish, but the Chicken Cavatappi t’was quite unappetizing-ly creamy. Reminded me of Mici’s extremely creamy pastas as well. Very very casual, sorta expenso for what it is…I probably won’t go out of my way for it. It was meh good but not that good. In the brighter side, the service was’t bad.

Living Social Deals – 1515 Restaurant

Are we fatties because we ate at two restaurants in a row or is it because the first one was so bad we HAD to have better food? I spent $8 for $16 worth at 1515 Restaurant on Living Social, and my Reuben nor his 1515 Kobe Beef Burger was really not worth any of it. The Prime Beef Carpaccio was tasty and interesting in it’s own way– there was crab stuffed inside a carpaccio roll of beef…but the menu didn’t describe it in such a way. There was most definitely no mentions of crab. I ate my Reuben because it wasn’t that bad, but it certainly wasn’t delicious either. As for his burger, he loves burgers & is no means picky with his burgers just as long as it’s not overcooked or burnt. This one, however, was just plain weird and not worth the calories. The bun…I don’t even want to talk about the bun. We said eff it and got ourselves some xiao long bao’s & pot-stickers. Yum!

happy π day!

Russell Peters & Ocean Prime

Good laughs with Joey Medina & Russell Peters. The two item per person at Comedy Works is not really a requirement…they don’t enforce it. Odoul’s Amber Ale t’was quite sipp’able.
– – – – –

Ocean Prime | 1465 Larimer St. | Denver, CO 80202
so perfectly satisfying ]

Denver Restaurant Week $52.80 per Two People
We never actually participate in the 5280 menu, but for $26.40 I thought I’d give it a sample.
[ French Onion Soup – Filet Mignon – Cupcake Ice Cream ]
Those were to DIEEE for ♥
We also got the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, the BEST ever >> Seattle !
Creamed Spinach w/ Bacon, mMMMm
& he got a tasteful 16 oz. Rib-eye, Oscar Style.

The Lorax & Happy Hour at Kona Grill

It’s nice getting off of work at five o’clock on a Friday evening, thanks to Recycled Runway.

I really don’t like Kona Grill, especially at Happy Hour…but he does. I can live with some non-wasabied ahi tuna crisps & bama rolls though.

Oh, The Lorax. Dr. Seuss you are clever. At twenty-two years old however, it’s very difficult to see a seventy page picture book stretched over 90 minutes. Boo to Universal.