Russell Peters & Ocean Prime

Good laughs with Joey Medina & Russell Peters. The two item per person at Comedy Works is not really a requirement…they don’t enforce it. Odoul’s Amber Ale t’was quite sipp’able.
– – – – –

Ocean Prime | 1465 Larimer St. | Denver, CO 80202
so perfectly satisfying ]

Denver Restaurant Week $52.80 per Two People
We never actually participate in the 5280 menu, but for $26.40 I thought I’d give it a sample.
[ French Onion Soup – Filet Mignon – Cupcake Ice Cream ]
Those were to DIEEE for ♥
We also got the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, the BEST ever >> Seattle !
Creamed Spinach w/ Bacon, mMMMm
& he got a tasteful 16 oz. Rib-eye, Oscar Style.


Eighty-Four Days

Round 2.

Bolder Boulder is 84 days away. Today I ran 5 miles in 50 minutes. I’m a little disappointed from my 6 mile run a month ago, but that’s okay. I was sooo close! I’ve had a few set backs from the GRE & etc. so hopefully I’ll get back on track.

Post run Buffalo Chicken w/ Ranch Salad from Which Wich was yuuummy. I can so make it at home, and I will.{iceburg+cucumber+tomato+torn pieces of deli chicken+avocado+pickled jalapenos+buffalo sauce w/ a smidge of ranch lightly drizzled atop}

The Lorax & Happy Hour at Kona Grill

It’s nice getting off of work at five o’clock on a Friday evening, thanks to Recycled Runway.

I really don’t like Kona Grill, especially at Happy Hour…but he does. I can live with some non-wasabied ahi tuna crisps & bama rolls though.

Oh, The Lorax. Dr. Seuss you are clever. At twenty-two years old however, it’s very difficult to see a seventy page picture book stretched over 90 minutes. Boo to Universal.


I love how she always tells me things after it happens. After all, it makes all the sense to when she knows it in her head all along. Now it makes sense where xt got it from– ask at the lastest second & the person can’t do anything but agree.